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Depression is one of the most common mental health issues. If you are feeling consistently 'low' and been finding it impossible to have fun or enjoy your life for quite a long time, then you may be suffering from depression. 

Depression is not the same as feeling sad, being a bit down, or experiencing grief; emotions which are often triggered by specific events. You may not know why you feel the way you do, and have no idea how to feel 'better'. You may have felt like this for a long time, and be unable to get on with normal day-to-day living. 

Depression can be extremely difficult to talk about, often because your friends, colleagues or family don't understand, or see you as being weak. They may tell you to "Snap out of it!". You may decide to hide how you feel from everyone to stop you feeling like a liar, or a fraud, or 'just broken', and pretend everything is ok. This makes it difficult for you to ask for help.

Or you may feel hopeless, black, or empty, unable to motivate yourself or feel any kind of joy. These feelings may come out in certain behaviours, like: staying in bed all day; using drink or drugs more often; being bad-tempered; avoiding work; or cancelling plans. A result of these behaviours is that you may lose touch with friends or family and end up isolated and alone.

No one person's depression is the same as another's. 

Finding someone to share your feeling with who you can trust can be hard. That is where I come in. 

With me you will be able to work out what might be the reasons for your ongoing depressive feelings, and begin to address them so you can feel more in control of your life. Maybe it's to do with e.g.: your early childhood, traumatic experiences, hormones and chemicals, or your lifestyle, or all of these. It may also be, that in order for you to feel able to address therapeutically what you need to, we consider possible actions which might help you, like changes to your diet, becoming more active, taking prescribed medication, or getting enough sleep. 

My relational developmental Integrative approach, with its focus on looking at how and why your relationships work, can help change the way you relate to others which can lead to much more positive feelings. This approach has been called a "highly effective treatment for depression" (Psychology Today, 2017).

Please contact me to make an appointment for a free consultation when we can discuss your specific experience of depression.

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