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UKCP accredited Psychotherapist, MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy


How much will it cost?

Your initial 30 minute consultation with me is free of charge. 

Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes and cost £45

I sometimes have a few subsidised places available. Please contact me for more information. 

What will happen in the initial consultation?

In our first meeting you will be able to tell me about why you seeking therapy at this point in you life and what you are hoping to gain from it. I will tell you about the way I work, and how my approach may be suitable for you. We will also discuss whether time-limited or open-ended therapy/counselling best suits your current needs. We will discuss whether we feel comfortable with the idea of working with each other. If we feel that I am not the right therapist for you, I can refer you to other therapists, if that would be helpful to you.

If I decide to go ahead, what will happen in subsequent sessions?

In the first session after the initial consultation we will contract for our work together, agreeing on how we go about achieving your therapeutic goal. In each session thereafter, the focus of our work will be on whatever is troubling you. Our aim will be to become clearer about the extent and effect of the issue(s), and work towards enabling you to find resolutions for it (them). We will revisit our contract on a regular basis as we review our work together.

How will my counselling/therapy end?

Ending counselling or therapy need not be uncomfortable or difficult. Usually we make a joint decision about when to stop; since we will be reviewing the progress of your counselling/therapy on a regular basis, the time you finish will feel appropriate. 

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